Child Custody Modification

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A divorce decree can be modified if there has been a substantial and material change in circumstances that occurred after the original custody order was issued.  As always, the best interest of the child is constantly at the heart of the case.  There can be many reasons for a change in custody, such as:

  • If a parent wishes to move to another state or relocate for a job.
  • A parent has a financial change of circumstance, such as losing a job, or a substantial change in income.
  • There is domestic violence in the home.
  • A child no longer wishes to visit with their parent.
  • A parent has a substance abuse issue.
  • A parent has been imprisoned.
  • A parent is sent overseas for military service.


Whether you are the one requesting the modification, or the one defending the modification, Joe will be standing by your side every step of the way with a straightforward approach.