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Plan Ahead

Although thinking about one’s own death is difficult, each person must give careful and deliberate thought as to how they want to distribute their assets. You have worked too hard not too! The preservation and disposition of a person’s wealth, by a Will or by a Trust, is unique to every person. Joe will draft the type of Will or Trust to meet your specific needs. Joe understands the importance of this process to you and your family.

  • Do you have a Medical Power of Attorney, a Living Will, and a General Durable Power of Attorney to direct how your financial and health care decisions are made if you become incompetent due to an injury or illness?
  • Have you prepared an effective estate plan for when you die?
  • Does your estate plan include a will or trust to successfully distribute your estate exactly as you desire?
  • Do you have a guardian selected for your young children in the event of your death?
  • Do you have a special needs child that needs care when you die?

Post-Death Process

Joe will help you with probate and non-probate administration of estates and trusts. Joe will help you identify assets, pay estate taxes, and work through the requirements of a will. In addition, Joe also will assist you if you have a challenge to an estate, such as a claim against an estate, or a challenge to a will.

  • Have you been appointed executor in a will?
  • When a loved one dies, have you been given the task of handling an estate, and going through the probate process?
  • Do you have a claim against an estate?

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