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Dissolving a marriage is not something that is a split-second decision, but is often a decision made with deep thought, prayer, and internal contemplation.  If you have decided getting a divorce may be an option for you, or if your spouse has already filed a Petition for Dissolution, chances are that you feel overwhelmed with emotions, worries, and questions, such as:

  • If you have children, will you be able to obtain the custody arrangements you desire?
  • How do the Iowa courts determine custody and visitation for parents and grandparents?
  • How much in child support will you be expected to pay or receive?
  • How will you divide your property and possessions with your spouse?
  • If you have inherited property or assets during the marriage from your family, how will those be divided?
  • Can you request spousal support (alimony)?
  • Who may legally take over your shared business or corporation?
  • How will your 401k or pension be divided between you and your spouse?

Joe understands Iowa’s divorce laws. He helps fathers and mothers explore all options, and will offer a candid assessment of all probable outcomes.  Joe is prepared to provide you with straight and honest answers, and is committed to finding solutions that is best for you and your family.