Contesting a Will

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When a loved one passes away, sometimes the heirs do not feel they are getting the full inheritance to which they were entitled. This is an emotional decision to make, and Joe can explain your options of contesting a Will, and how the process works within the Iowa Probate Court.

  • Was there undue influence in the making of a will, where your loved one felt the pressure by someone to grant him or her assets in the will that would not have happened otherwise?
  • Did your loved one suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, memory loss,mental incapacity, or other mental issues when deciding who should inherit from their estate?
  • Was fraud committed against your loved one, which caused them to make the estate planning decision that they made?
  • Were there any last minute changes to the will?
  • Did someone “buy” farmland for a much lower “fair” value?
  • Was a brother or sister “given” the family farm, because no one else “was around” or “interested”?
  • Has only one of the children inherited everything?
  • Has a second spouse inherited everything, excluding children from a previous marriage?
  • Were there changes made to life insurance or investment account beneficiary designations?
  • Was any property suspiciously made into a gift while your loved one was still alive?
  • Has someone abused a power of attorney in a breach of fiduciary duty?

Experienced Probate Attorney – Even though a will contest can be a stressful experience, it is still important that you receive the inheritance to which you are entitled. Joe is sensitive to the issues and family dynamics that arise with will disputes, while still offering strong protection of your interests.